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We work closely with you through a needs analysis process, to increase your readiness level in order to implement sustainable remedies, develop and or streamline your processes to increase your organizations efficiency and effectiveness. We deliver superior Professional ICT Products, Methodology Development, Tools Implementation, Assessment and other services to assist you to leverage and further develop your organizational competencies and maximise your inherent strengths.

Prior to Bumba Technos, Mr. Bongani Mkhwebane (Director) worked as a ICT Business Analyst and ICT Manager for more than 15 years where he built extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the ICT industry. Part of this experience included applying critical solutions to meet the diverse needs of small and medium enterprises in both the private and public sector. He rapidly distinguished himself as a leader in the ICT industry. This was done through him building a reputation for accurately conceptualising and communicating the needs of organizations and developing innovative software and business Solutions. His experience is extensive with regard to implementing and managing ICT services and projects. Bumba Technos is committed to bring about ICT solutions that deliver value and empower clients to strengthen and consolidate their processes and market position.

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To provide world-class ICT business solutions.


To build strong, enduring and continuous relationships with organizations seeking ICT solutions and provide them with continuous capabilities improvement through:
• Continuous Training and Development
• Cutting edge Consultancy Services
• Methodology Development
• Relevant Tools, Infrastructure Development and Upgrade
• Continuous innovation and development of tailor made technology solutions to meet your ever evolving business needs.

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